Abell Minima

Getting Started with Abell

Published on Fri Jun 19 2020

Abell is a JavaScript based static-site-generator and a Template Engine to help you create JSON, Markdown, or static-data based websites.

Check out abelljs.org for complete documentation.

Like this blog? Follow the steps below to create your first Abell blog with this template-

Create your First Abell Blog

Create your blog in one button click!!

This will create a new project in your GitHub and will deploy it to Netlify. Later you can make changes in the blog by editing files in your new GitHub project.


you can create project locally with-

npx create-abell-app my-cool-blog --template abelljs/abell-starter-minima

Make sure you have Node.js installed to run this command.

Writing Blog

After deployment, a repository will be created on your GitHub account. You can edit files in content directory to edit blog and create a new folder with index.md to create new blog.


Full documentation at https://abelljs.org


Source code of this template is available at GitHub.

Do drop ⭐️ on this starter template and the Abell Repository